A Bookish Interview With… Kaley

Kaley is a Ravenclaw, a history lover, and a tea connoisseur. Her best friend is her black cat (and witch’s familiar in training), Scotch. When she grows up, she wants to live in a hobbit hole. What are you reading now?The Furies by Katie Lowe. Who are your top 5 authors?JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen, Josiah... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Kiwi

Kiwi’s given name is Kalee, but she has embraced her nickname here at QRB. She loves food-themed names: her cat’s name is Pepper! When she’s not reading, Kiwi spends her time making art, baking, and playing outside in nature. Her two favorite aesthetics are cute, and creepy. What are you reading now?Daily Rituals: Women at... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Mamie

Mamie has been coming to Quail Ridge Books since the olden days at Quail Corners when Linda Walker and two of her friends did a children’s music hour. She's worked here off and on since the store moved to Ridgewood. What are you reading now? On Swift Horses by Shannon Pufahl What book have you... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Matt

Dour cynic (good sense of humor, though). Reader. Old punk (musician-writer syndrome applies). What are you reading now?DUCKS, NEWBURYPORT by Lucy Ellman, and a bunch of various essay books I haven't decided if I like yet Who are your top 5 authors?Hubert Selby, William Burroughs, William T. Vollmann, Joyce Carol Oates, George Saunders (rotating cast... Continue Reading →

Review of The Dutch House (audiobook)

I have never been disappointed after reading a book written by Ann Patchett.  I can certainly say that the trend continues as I was enthralled with The Dutch House.  The characters were so well developed in this story of a family, its wealth and  dysfunction.  However, I have to add that i didn't actually read this... Continue Reading →

On Being a Character in a Book

I know I haven't waited the usual amount of time between my posts (I try to space them out so I don't overwhelm anyone with my brilliance; or indeed, my humility) but this is a special occasion.  I just finished reading a middle-grade book, and I liked it. I was pleasantly surprised that my presumption... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Lizzy

Lizzy manages our Institutional Sales Department, where she spends most of her time coordinating author visits for local schools. In her free time, Lizzy loves traveling, reading comic books, watching movies and shows adapted from comic books, going to conventions, and excitedly talking about all of the above. What are you reading now?Saving Fable by... Continue Reading →

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