Independent Bookstore Day is April 27th

Hello, friends! We are excited to announce our plans for Independent Bookstore Day, which is Saturday, April 27, 2019! Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April.  Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. But in... Continue Reading →

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Tyree Daye Wins Whiting Award!

Local poet extraordinaire Tyree Daye has won a Whiting Award! Tyree recently appeared on our podcast Bookin'. You can listen to his interview here. Tyree most recent book, River Hymns, can be purchased here. Congratulations, Tyree!

Belinda on Organization

While shifting stacks of books on my nightstand to re-set my clock for Daylight Savings Time, it dawned on me - too many of my books are out of place at home.  These books should be on bookshelves, of course. But they are not. Of course. The need to place them on bookshelves is secondary to... Continue Reading →

GM Sarah Goddin on the Open Discussion Project

h For almost 2 years we’ve been trying an experiment at Quail Ridge Books: We’ve invited people of all different ideologies to come together and discuss political ideas through books, without getting mad at each other. We’ve talked about gerrymandering, money in politics, racism, climate change, mass incarceration, gun control, Confederate statues, and immigration. This... Continue Reading →

Amber Brown on Lisa See

The first novel I read by Lisa See was Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, as I’m sure it was for many. I was a sophomore in high school, growing more fascinated with learning about East Asian cultures, reading up on the real Mulan outside of the Disney cartoon, geisha beyond their background presence in... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom by Lisa Poole

Quail Ridge Books brings me joy and when I walk through its doors I smile. These days I find something outside the store that brings a smile to my face, often a chuckle. It’s our sandwich board. It has been said that the sandwich board originated in Sandwich, Scotland at a small cafe named Pillsbury... Continue Reading →

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