Our Indie Press of the Month–33 1/3

Our Indie Press of the Month is the perfect complement to summer music listening! We’re featuring the 33 1/3 series, a smartly curated and beautifully designed batch of books, each focusing on a single piece of music released as an album. Begun in 2003 by Continuum with books about two late-60s classic LPs — Dusty... Continue Reading →

Bookin’ with B.A. Shapiro

On this week's episode of Bookin', host Jason Jefferies is joined by B.A. Shapiro to discuss her latest novel, The Collector's Apprentice. Topics of discussion include Henri Matisse, Gertrude Stein, historical fiction, books about art, and the importance of social and spatial context. Happy listening!

A Year of Reading James Baldwin

I’m excited that QRB will join the National Book Foundation in celebrating and exploring James Baldwin this year. Baldwin has inspired generations of fervent readers and fans, but is still under-read by many, including me. I recently read If Beale Street Could Talk and saw that movie along with I Am Not Your Negro, a creative documentary of Baldwin’s life and the book... Continue Reading →

Kent Bryant on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives--whether or not we want it to, or whether or not we even realize it's happening. Containing 25 essays by experts in both technology and the humanities, Possible Minds (Penguin $28), edited by John Brockman, is an eye-opening, stimulating book that casts both wonder and trepidation on... Continue Reading →

The Redbud Writing Project

Hello, friends! I would like to share a message I received from Emily Cataneo of the Redbud Writing Project: I always knew I wanted to write. Like many authors, I grew up entertaining myself by playacting scenes with dolls and toys and obnoxiously reading chapter books two grade levels ahead. But when I graduated from... Continue Reading →

Prarie Fever by Michael Parker

Prairie Fever, as I type this on June 8th, is my Best Book of 2019 to date.  I started reading it at the airport as I was waiting on a flight back to Raleigh from BookExpo in NYC, and on the plane, I alarmed my fellow passengers as I gasped very loudly while reading page... Continue Reading →

Out East by John Glynn

If our 20s weren't so much fun, we would do well to avoid that decade! This memoir is a sweet, honest reveal of the angst, loneliness, self discovery and, yes, great times, that Glynn experienced in his 20s, centered on one eventful summer on Montauk. If you know Montauk, you'll smile at the references to... Continue Reading →

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