The Clergyman’s Wife

Charlotte Lucas is sensible, not sentimental; unlike Elizabeth, she finds it possible to tolerate Mr. Collins’s foibles with a smile. Depending on the adaptation/retelling/fan fiction, we are led to believe that Charlotte is either miserable or resigned, but certainly not happy. ‘The Clergyman’s Wife‘ gives her probably the most realistic attitude: sometimes embarrassed, sometimes irritated, but also sometimes content, sometimes gratified. It allows her to form her own opinions of her surroundings and connections without imposing Elizabeth’s feelings at the front of our minds.

This was a lovely, quick read that I happily devoured all at once. It’s a picture of a short time in Charlotte Collins’s life, treating her story sensitively and believably while inventing lovable, deeply human original characters. The book left me feeling wistful, but with a better understanding and respect for this classic character.

— Kaley, Digital Media Coordinator

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