In Memory of Kent Bryant

Hello Friends,

We are sad to share the news with you that our friend and colleague Kent Bryant passed away this past weekend after a long battle with cancer.0

Kent was extremely capable at everything that he did.  To say he was well-read would be an understatement.  He was a tremendous bookseller and editor; it was rare that someone at Quail Ridge Books wrote anything for publication in any medium that did not first pass under his pen.

Over the past few years, Quail Ridge Books has undergone a massive overhaul in the marketing realm, part of which has involved a web redesign and restructuring of our approach to social media.  Kent was instrumental in helping us pull all of this together, so much so that he rediscovered his love for computers and networking, which became a point of professional emphasis for him both inside and outside of the bookstore.

For many years, Kent was the genius behind our QuailMail newsletter, which is viewed by thousands of people every week.  QuailMail was started by our founder Nancy Olson, and Kent carried the torch for her capably and proudly.

When Kent’s cancer recently resurfaced, he discussed many possible paths forward regarding his duties at the store.

“Even if I am never able to come back to work,” he said, “I still want to be able to tell people that I work at Quail Ridge Books.”

Our friend Kent Bryant passed away this weekend.

He worked at Quail Ridge Books.

–Jason Jefferies, General Manager


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