The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

For the rest of my days, I will hold dear the poignant and deeply moving scene from this book that captures how reading and books can touch the soul and connect us with others. I was humbled and moved to tears – of both grief and joy - as I rode with Cussy Mary and her mule through the hills and hollows of Appalachia to deliver books to the... Continue Reading →

Let me tell you about my favorite serial killer.

Serge A. Storms is the creation of author Tim Dorsey. Along with his drug-addled sidekick Coleman, Serge spends his time traveling around his home state of Florida, spouting historical facts to Coleman, and killing "jerks and pests." Yes, HUMAN pests. Serge definitely has his own moral code, and dammit, you'll find yourself agreeing that everyone... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tree Angel

Listen my children and you shall hear why an angel's on top of the tree each year. It started one Christmas a long time ago,  when the North Pole had suffered the world's baddest snow. Visibility was poor, and Rudolph was sick. But even more problems hit poor old St. Nick. His sleigh needed painting,... Continue Reading →

Books for gifting

From Tony Peltier, Head Buyer: It’s less than a week until Christmas and we are hopping here at the bookstore! Everyone knows that a book is the best gift for the holidays, but what could be better than a book? How about a book signed by the author? We’ve got a great selection of autographed... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Todd

What are you reading now?TOMBSTONE by Tom Clavin Who are your top 5 authors? Cormac McCarthy, J. D. Salinger, Alan Moore, Flannery O'Connor, Ernest Hemmingway What was your favorite book as a child? THE TELL-TALE HEART What's your favorite book cover? THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION by Michael Chabon What book have you reread the most?... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Bud

Bud is a reading enthusiast who loves a good read, is endlessly entertained by pop culture media, and has a wide variety of interests. Is it any wonder that he loves working at Quail Ridge Books where he gets to indulge in all of them at once? What are you reading now?Just recently finished up... Continue Reading →

A Bookish Interview With… Tony

What are you reading now?Tyll by Daniel Kehlmann, American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins (among others) Who are your top 5 authors?Top 5 authors (that begin with K): Daniel Kehlmann, Rachel Kushner, William Kotzwinkle, Maira Kalman, Judith Kerr What was your favorite book as a child?The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden was probably my... Continue Reading →

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